The Kaninefaten Scoutsgroup has four different subgroups for kids of all ages. Over all the group has about 50 youth members.

Welpen (Cubs)

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Welpen are boys and girls from 7 to 11 years old. Cubs play at lot of games and in the nearby forest and dunes and in around the clubhouse. They also put little things together with paper, glue and paint. Of course the real Scout techniques are on the program: think about baking bread over a wood fire, making knots or learning about the compass. Every year there are also some regional activities: St Johns day in april and the Junglehunt at the end of the season. And every December the cubs hold their annual nearly-Christmas camp

The cubs meet every Saturday afternoon from 1 to 3 o'clock. The meetings are lead by 5 leaders. A meeting starts when one of the cubs presents the totem to the leaders. Next the Scouts flag is raised by two others cubs. Finally all cubs and leaders say the famous dibb-dibb-dobb-dobb-yell. At the end of a meeting the flag is lowered and the totem is put back in the clubhouse.


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Scouts are boys and girls from 11 to 15 years old. The Scout techniques form the main part of their program. Think about building constructions with poles and ropes, hiking with map and compass and basic cooking. Scouts also play games in the nearby forest and dunes. Every year the Scouts take part on the regional Whitsun camp and other regional activities.

The Scouts meet every Saturday afternoon from 3.30 tot 5.30. The meetings are lead by at least two leaders. A meeting starts when one of the Scouts raises the Scouts flag. When the flag is at the top of the pole another Scouts says the Scouts law. At the and of the meeting the flag is lowered.


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Explorers, or Explo's for short, are boys and girls from 15 to 18 years old. Explorers do not have leaders but are accompanied. Together with their accompanies the Explorers make their program. They also take part on some regional activities and go on Summer camp somewhere in The Nederlands or abroad.

The Explorers meet every Saterday afternoon form 3.30 to about 5.30. They are accompanied by three accompanies.


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The Roverscouts are the oldest age group. Roverscouts are boys and girls or men and women from 18 to 21 years old. In most Scout groups Roverscouts are also leaders of other age groups. They make their program together and take part on some regional activities.

Roverscouts meet roughly twice a month on a Friday or Saturday evening.






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